The PAPUD project is a 3 years ITEA3 project (call3)  started in december 2017.

This project includes 16 partners from 5 countries, Belgium, France, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

This project is mainly a Deep learning project applied to five domains, e-commerce, call-centers, e-government, human resources and data centers.

The world is experiencing a “Data Deluge” due to radical growth of data stemming from millions of heterogeneous, autonomous sources including social media, Internet of Things, the Web of Things, and various data-intensive industries. The data, regardless which media been sourced from, have critical importance to any industry as well as for the quality of life. It enables unlocking power of Text, Big Data and Deep Learning by paving the way to do highly efficient analytics such as sentiment analytics, trend analysis, radicalization detection, the list goes on. more details

consortium activities are partially funded by: