Since 1989 our business has been dedicated to developing complex software applications combining distributed architecture, interactive graphics, optimization, and business rules via our long term technical partners IBM and Red Hat. We are both a system integrator for complex system architecture software, and an ISV for the e-Citiz and Modelio products. We help companies in Business Consulting and Technology Consulting across Financial Services, Insurance, Energy, Manufacturing and Public Sector.

SOFTEAM Cadextan, is the ISV for an agile, industrial software platform called e-Citiz to design and deploy e-Services for e-Government and for Businesses.

Capitalizing on 10 years of experience spanning large-scale projects throughout multiple countries, region and cities, e-Citiz has become the leader in e-Services design and deployment platforms, taking its position as the most accomplished tool on the market. e-Citiz caters to local and federal governments as well as corporations small and large and helps them reduce the e-Services development cost by 65% and maintenance cost by 80%.

Typical e-services are: automation of country-wide revenue and income taxes processing; social benefits; local and regional electronic Single Window for individuals and corporations; passport and ID card applications; e-Payment; Customer Relationship Management; e-HR (electronic Human Resources); Interactive Kiosks; Electronic Marketplaces. e-Citiz can be deployed as SaaS in the Cloud. It also includes global and national standards (W3C WAI-AA), which allows any e-Services designed with e-Citiz to automatically be accessible to people with disabilities. It is based on several technical standards: UML, BPMN, JEE, HTML5. In addition, e-Citiz generates m-Services so it complies with iOS, Android and all major smartphones

Website: https://en.e-citiz.com
Address: Softeam, 21 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris, France